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Xiaohong Deng

Github: Add a Project Page to Your Personal Page

Say you have a blog backed by Github personal or organization page which is one per account only. You have a custom domain name for it served by some DNS service. Now you want to use the same custom domain name to serve a project page to showcase your projects …

Xiaohong Deng

Pelican: Python 3 or Upgrading to Python 3

Making a Static Blog with Pelican is a great tutorial for beginners to start with Pelican. It was in Python 2 because back then fabric is incompatible with Python 3. Now Pelican has moved to invoke by default which is very similar to fabric which supports Python 3 now. Both …

Xiaohong Deng

Set Up Disqus With Pelican

There are a few variables in involved in this problem, there are a few that break your app in other ways. I'm gonna concentrate on those directly involved and traps you might get caught up with.

  • This Disqus comment feature can not be previewed locally, I will explain …