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Github: Add a Project Page to Your Personal Page

Say you have a blog backed by Github personal or organization page which is one per account only. You have a custom domain name for it served by some DNS service. Now you want to use the same custom domain name to serve a project page to showcase your projects, say portfolio.your_custom_domain.ga. How do you do that?

Getting Started

Github allows you to have unlimited number of Project pages. Create a new one called portfolio.

In Setting, Under Github Pages, Choose a theme. Once settled, your portfolio page can be accessed at https://your_github_username.github.io/portfolio

Custom Domain Name

Under Github Pages, Custom domain. Fill in portfolio.your_custom_domain.com.

Go to your DNS service website, you should have a panel for managing your DNS somewhere. Add a record of type CNAME with NAME PORTFOLIO. Point it to your Personal page your_github_username.github.io. That should be all.

Custom Theme

By choosing a theme, you implicitly added theme: theme_name to _config.yml. It's hard to customize your page layout and style using theme this way. Instead, you should remove that line and copy everything in the theme repository to your project directory. In my case, jekyll-theme-minimal and portfolio.

Then you can modify the .css, .js and .html files to get the visual effect you want. For example, if you want to add Github or Facebook icons to your project page, you may add font-awesome.min.css hosted at CloudFare to your layout file. Now you can create icons using fa-github or fa-facebook where you want.

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