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Xiaohong Deng

Jasmine Setup in UCB CS169x and SaaS Book

You can use either gem jasmine or gem jasmine-rails to set up Jasmine framework in your rails apps. In the SaaS book, it uses the latter. gem jasmine-jquery-rails is one way to exploit the extra matchers and fixtures loading feature from jasmine-jquery. It needs jquery as a prerequisite.

You won't …

Xiaohong Deng

Set Up Disqus With Pelican

There are a few variables in involved in this problem, there are a few that break your app in other ways. I'm gonna concentrate on those directly involved and traps you might get caught up with.

  • This Disqus comment feature can not be previewed locally, I will explain …

Xiaohong Deng

Rails ActionMailer: Explain Why Calling Class Methods That Do Not Exist on Mailers Works

Here is an article from Karol Galanciak you can refer to as a start. I'm gonna rewrite his article in a way that conveys pretty much the same information with addditional detail generated by me reading the Rails source code. Hopefully it would crystalize your understanding on the subject further …